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On our way to La Fortuna

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

We both lost most of our jetlags after a day of doing nothing but relaxing, followed by a long night sleep with over 10 hours of net-sleeping time! 😉
Well, time for some action now; our rental car just arrived at the hotel, a white Toyota RAV4 4WD (white is the new black 😉 ), an upgrade from the Suzuki Grand Vitara 4WD that we booked, so from today we’ll be cruising along the bumpy roads through the inlands of Costa Rica, yippee!
First stop; La Fortuna, known for its hot springs and the proximity of the Arenal volcano, one of the ten most active volcanos in the world! We’ll be staying at the Arenal Observatory Lodge, apparently the best place to see the volcano’s activity, *if* it’s not covered in the clouds that is!
Well, I hope that Fortuna, the goddess of fortune is with us and both make the clouds disappear and protect us from getting lava-burned! 😉