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The Quetzal bird

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

One of the most dazzling birds in Costa Rica is the quetzal. It is culturally important in Central America, and the Mayas considered it the bird of the ‘God of good’.
We already knew that this period would not be the best time to spot these rare birds, so we didn’t expect to see one during the early bird hike we took this morning (jeez, I got up at 6:30h, and I thought I was on holiday!?! šŸ˜‰ ). Nevertheless, we got extremely lucky and spotted even TWO quetzals!! Below a picture of one of them, pretty spectacular eh? It was taken with my iPhone through our guide’s telescope since the one week old camera got swimming lessons during the rainy canopy tour yesterday, it wasn’t shooting any pictures other than ‘foggy’ ones due to the humidity inside the cam. šŸ™
Well, it should be able to dry out in Montezuma, our destination for the coming 5 days. It’s a small village at the Pacific coast, apparently still very relaxed because of its hippie roots; not much more to do and see there than sunbathing on its picture-perfect white-sand beaches, yayyy!! šŸ˜‰