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iOS 4.2 is IN!

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

I really *love* those days when the weather forecast is SO off; prediction for today was 0% sun and 90% rain…we had 100% sun and 0% rain (well, up till 16:30h when 30 minutes of tropical rain made everything smell nice and fresh again! 😉 ).

Ha, and what better way to end yet another day in paradise then to update my iPhone & iPad to iOS4.2! 😉 Technically it is iOS 4.2.1 but nevertheless this is *the* long awaited iOS update delivering *all* those new goodies to your iDevice! (well, mostly to the iPad, which can now ‘finally’ do multitasking, THE feature that I really wanted!)

Both iPhone and iPad and updated and both iDevices are happy now…and I, well…iHappy! 😉 Hehe, this happy geek can go to bed with a smile on his face!

(yes Andrea, nerdness and life art are in perfect balance again! 😉 )