Some time ago I signed up for Foursquare (wiki), a location based Social Network (and game). Initially this gave me an alternative to the disappeared ‘Facebook Status’ RSS-feed, which I used to β€˜disclose’ where I was enjoying my life on this globe (the ‘Where am I‘ section on the column on the blog-sidebar).

Yesterday was my 100th day on this Social Network and the game-side of it has given me 14 badges and 13 mayorships already (home and work are the most obvious ones, the Subway restaurant in Jaco, Costa Rica is the funkiest πŸ˜‰ ). It’s fun, a little addictive and it easily became my habit to check in whenever I arrive somewhere. Other users might have left some useful tips for that venue, or there could be a special offer for foursquare users (such as 20% off the Oslo Pass, or a free ticket to a game at the Ullevaal Stadion).

I expect Foursquare toΒ  become even more interesting when your friends sign up too; you will receive a ping when they are in the same city that you’re in, so you can meet in real life…ha, who said that internet would decrease real contact, eh? πŸ˜‰