Enough wood to burn?

Heating up the house is (obviously) an extremely important thing during Norwegian wintertime, and while we have (some) electrical heating in the house, nothing beats a good old fashioned log fire!

In order to get to the nice part, the warmth and joy of romantic flames coming from the fireplace, some physical work needs to be done. In my case it meant moving two big pallets of wood from the trailer to the wood storage, almost piece by piece, so quite some work!

Oh well, at least I didn’t have to cut a tree and chop the wood myself this time! 😉



<a href=”http://raymondpoort.com/images/wood_pallets.jpg”><img class=”alignnone” title=”Pallets with wood to burn” src=”http://raymondpoort.com/images/wood_pallets_small.jpg” alt=”” width=”400″ height=”300″ /></a>