Mixed feelings on Libya

Today four years I left for a short vacation to Libya, a country full of surprising, though not really the place to go these days, eh? 😉
We went there to visit Axel & Beike, who lived there for over two years. An amazing trip filled with lots of culture, old architecture, the Great Leader, his green book, and…a huge farewell party with the theme ‘Pimps & Prostitutes’…haha, I have never seen more alcohol at a party! 😉

How different is the situation in Libya today; as everyone knows, UN resolution 1973 is in effect, what many probably don’t realize is that the resolution seems to be misused to take ‘the Great Leader’ out: I cannot understand that virtually no one questions the bombing of Libyan ground forces, air defenses, one of Gadhafi’s command centers, etc., etc. The resolution clearly describes its mandate: Protection of civilians, establishing a No-fly zone, Enforcement of the arms embargo, and an Asset freeze…be your own judge and read the resolution for yourself. It’s amazing when you realize how ‘easy’ and accepted it apparently is to go to war, covered by a false flag UN resolution using a ‘humanitarian’ reason, while the actual truth is that the Western world is trying to protect its oil interests after Gadhafi decided to go to bed with the Russians and Chinese to exploit his oil…