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How to sell a car! ;)

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Following the funny YouTube clip a week ago, in which Robert De Niro showed us how NOT to sell a car, I now have live experience ‘How to sell a car’: today I sold the old BMW…crashed, smashed and non-driving, yet for still quite some money (at least considerably more than the fine that the police gave me, so that is a net-positive! 😉 )!

The only thing that still reminds me of the car crash, is the period (four months in total) that I will be without my driver’s license, at least here in Norway…I decided to not fight the original fine since it turned out that the chances of lowering it via a court case are close to zero. The energy that it takes to go through it is not worth it and can be better spent on other things……IT IS, and I’m moving on!