Word/work of the Day: Ved-Dugnad

Sunny days before Easter, a day off on Good Friday (called langfredag / ‘Long Friday’ in Norway) and a neighbor with a shitload of cut trees in his backyard…well, that calls for a ‘Ved-Dugnad‘, in other words: gather together with neighbors, relatives and friends and play with wood; collect the trees, cut them up, split the wood, collect it in a trailer and deliver it to the various homes.

A long day filled with a lot of physical work outside in the sun…hehe, I had a great time!!

Oh, there is around 6m^3 ready and waiting for me in front of the garage…oof, I’ve got some work to do tomorrow! 😉

Oh, and in the mean time the very last snow melted!! April 29, the garden is officially snow free!!