Today: ‘THE’ time of ‘THE’ day in ‘A’ year

Exactly NOW 39 years ago I saw ‘the light’ for the very first time…literally 😉 , I am born on April 23 1972 @ 22:40h!

Despite that time as we ‘know’ it, is relative and a human invention, the actual Birth time does play a role and has an influence on your character, life and its opportunities…and yes, you obviously always make your own choices and define the course of your life…it is after all YOUR life!! Life, which is defined by LOVE; love received, love given, the conscious connection to the unlimited source of LOVE inside you…

Thanks everyone for all the LOVE that you have sent, are sending and will send my way, it has been, is and will be received in love…you have my passionate and unconditional LOVE, today on my Birthday and all days to come!!