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Pohoda 2011 recap: the ‘Police Edition’

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Pohoda 2011 was once again AMAZING and filled with some interesting experiences! The theft of our mobile phones obviously was a major bummer and causes quite some inconvenience, but it was not able (by far!) to ruin the spirit and terrific atmosphere of this festival!
A great line-up with the highlights dEUS, Pulp, Lamb and Madness on Friday plus M.I.A. and Portishead on Saturday satisfied our ears. The beer, rose wine, vodka-red bull and ciganska took care of our mouths, and well, our eyes were happy too! 😉
Cosmos also played its part this weekend: we managed to be with the police three (!) times these days, and all that at the very same time that I got my right to drive back and thought I was done with police for some time…(my driver’s license is still in Norway though, but that’s a story for another time)
First we were at the police station for two hours on Saturday morning to file a report for the theft of our mobile phones. We actually had a great time there and made some new friends! An officer even brought us back to the festival terrain by a police car (without blue lights on my request 😉 ).
Today we had our second and third encounter with the Slovak police force: this afternoon we got stopped when we left a gasstation for not having a vignette (we completely forgot about it 🙁 ). The vignette costs just €7, but the fine was €140!! Luckily we managed to cut a deal for €40 (which ‘coincidentally’ was the same amount of the cash money we had left).
And then, while driving in Bratislava, searching for our hotel, we took a wrong turn and ended up in a pedestrian area…and since the police is always there when you don’t need them, we got a €30 fine as result (6 receipts of €5 and an escort to the nearest cash machine).
It is Un-F’ing-Believable, no idea what cosmos tries to tell me…I plan a relaxing evening tonight to figure that one out! 😉