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A day filled with silence and roses

Monday, July 25th, 2011

There were several moments today when whole of Norway (and beyond) stood still to remember the victims of last Friday’s attacks in Oslo and at Utøya. Stood still in complete silence at 12:00h today, and during a ‘Rose March‘ with 200,000 people attending…roses spread love through out the city, Norway united.

Another great initiative is Hold together – Hold hands‘ where over 750,000 people are virtually holding hands, creating a chain to protest against violence and in sympathy with those affected.
Join us!


A german newspaper article said: “Even in their deepest sorrow the norwegians don’t get hysterical. They resist the hate. It is amazing to see how politicians and the whole country reacts. They are sad to the deepest thread of their souls. They cry in dignity. But nobody swears to take revenge. Instead they want even more humanity and democracy. That is one of the most remarkable strengths of that little country.”

The Rådhus square was PACKED with people