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Breaking the ‘two-year-moving-cycle’

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

July 31 2011, the day where I should have moved into a new house! Uhh, hahaha…well, at least *if* I would follow the two year moving cycle that I have had the past four years. 😉 I moved into the first house in Norway on July 31 2007 , a beautiful red painted house close to the forest. It was a rental house and since we liked living in Norway so much, we decided to buy a house when the owners came back to Norway. Coincidence or not (I personally don’t believe in it 😉 ), we moved into our *own* house exactly two years later, on July 31 2009. And we still love living here…today was a great example; enjoying the sun on the veranda, go for a swim in the nearby lake (400m) to cool down and then drive within 25 minutes to Oslo city center…NICE!!

Oh, and to put things into perspective; a house is mostly just four walls with a roof…the size and location don’t really matter, since you can make any place feel like home, as long as you put your heart in it!