The MacBook Air is IN!!

Wow, THAT went fast!! After holding off buying Apple’s MacBook Air for a long time (basically since the it was released in 2008, and especially after the latest update this summer, I decided to order it yesterday (Misha asked for it 😉 ) and was anticipating a 3-4 weeks delivery time (they are quite popular apparently 😉 ). To my surprise I received an SMS from the Apple Store this morning, informing me that ‘my’ MacBook Air was IN, w00t!!!

So, I have been a happy geek today, unpacking and playing with my new toy…and yes, this was my first blogpost from the Air!! 😉

(for my fellow geeks, it is the 13″model with 256GB flash storage and an upgrade 1.8Ghz i7 processor…iLoveIt! 😉 )