New opportunities on the horizon

What started as an ordinary Monday, might mean a big change in my (and my colleagues’) professional future; our company got officially sold (again 😉 ), all the necessary regulatory approvals are received, there was champagne in the office this afternoon, so we can start thinking of new business cards! 😉

Hehe, well let’s  wait with that until after the New Year and perhaps a bit longer, when we learn more about the changes that are upon us. Perhaps big, maybe small, we will see…in the end all that doesn’t REALLY matter, the most important is that change will happen…change is always good, and I am IN for a change!

(a nice touch to this, Neale Donald Walsch ‘sent’ me an email today in which he wrote:

“On this day of your life, Raymond, I believe God wants you to know…

...that all change is change for the better.

There is no such thing as “change for the worse.”

Change is the process of Life Itself, and that process could be called by the name “evolution.” And evolution moves in only one direction: forward, and toward improvement.

Therefore, when change visits your life, you can be sure things are turning for the better. It may not look that way in the very moment change arrives, but if you will wait a while and have faith in the process, you will see that this is true.”

Indeed…there are no coincidences!)