The LEAF is in!

I came back to Norway today and picked up the electric car…YES, the Nissan LEAF is IN the garage!

It was the first time I bought a new car myself, so I didn’t know what to expect…I was surprised how much attention was given to complete the buying process (well, it should as it is a big purchase!). All in all a very nice experience which took over two hours! Ha, it turns out that not all car salesman are brutal! 😉

It is pretty nice to drive the car literally out of the showroom with only 10 km on the meter, and so far it is a fantastic experience to drive the car. It will be interesting to see how the car behaves in Norwegian winter weather. 😉

I will blog more in the coming weeks, for now check out (in dutch) for some interesting stories.


It has been a very intense day today for many reasons, and while the LEAF is charging (I just verified that with the iPhone App! 😉 ), I am off to bed…TIRED!!