Fun on Sunny Tuesday

After Blue Monday comes…Sunny Tuesday!! 😉

And indeed, the sun shined today and when the sun shines, people tend to laugh more!

Some colleagues at work where having fun with ‘Bubba J‘ (biography) today, ‘he’ is one of the characters played by ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. He is a beer-drinking redneck that is often described as ‘white trash trailer park’.

Bubba Junior has two things he loves: his country, his beer, and NASCAR. When asked what he does all day, his response is “Watching NASCAR and drinkin’ BEER!”, and also; “Do you have a drinking problem” is responded with: “Nah, I have it pretty much figured out!”, or; “What is your favorite beer?”…”An open one!”. 😉

So, BE prepared for some simple straightforward Southern US humor that will definitely make you laugh, thanks to the craftsmanship of Jeff Dunham!

Btw. most will know Jeff as the guy behind Achmed the Dead Terrorist. Check ‘m out as those clips are fantastic too! (and a good follow-up after watching Bubba J)