Google is evil

I have said it many times before; ‘Google is evil’.

The original idea “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” transformed into “use the world’s information to make shitloads of money with it” after they ‘Adsense’d’ and ‘AdWords’ed’ their business model and started to mix people’s hunger for information with their own hunger for cash and world domination.

Google‘s latest move is the Privacy Policy change, which makes all information ‘approved’ interconnected, and…will for example give you too personalized search results (and advertisements btw.). Dave Winer points it out in his blogpost ‘We need an exit from Google’ last week, read it to understand the consequences.

I am ok to get personalized search results, but…on my own request, PLEASE!

Besides that, you have to realize that all information you have in the Google systems can and will be handed over to anyone, more or less, who asks for it (read authorities). Oh, and do realize that Google’s Chrome web browser is, together with the Android mobile Operating System, their ‘best’ and most easy way to grab all your info…

So, while Google started out on the right path, they became evil (despite their initial unofficial slogan “Don’t be evil“).

I will give a try the coming weeks…this search engine brings back memories of old skool Google; simple, good results and no tracking (privacy!)…

Btw. check out the short movies, EPIC 2014 and EPIC 2015…interesting stuff!