Back pain and hip problems

It seems to become a yearly returning ‘tradition’: a terrible back pain in January…I realized this weekend that I have had this almost every year in the past years. Is it due to too much partying during the Xmas season, me realizing that there is a new year to do everything I didn’t fulfill the year before, an easy excuse not to go skiing, the January winter coldness, or having a mental reason…? Fact is that for the past weeks I have not been able to move myself the way I want to, while the back pain moved from my middle back to my lower back and is now mostly in my left hip, making it even hard to walk ‘normal’.

Luckily there is book ‘You Can Heal Your Life‘ by Louise Hay which contains a list of different physical disorders or illnesses and their probable metaphysical causes. This is what Louise says about back pain and hip problems:

Back pain can be related to many emotions in your life. A pain in your middle back may be connected to your guilt, lower back pain may reflect your fear of money or lack of financial support.

Hip problems relate to a fear of going forward in major decisions. Fear to not reach you goal, nothing to move forward to.

Hmm, there is definitely something there…thanks Louise!