Leaf’ing on the edge

I am driving the LEAF for 3 weeks now, and I am enjoying the experience tremendously, still!

Today I decided to see how accurate the battery capacity / range meter is; the car was fully charged when I left home this morning, it was cold (-14C) so the estimated driving range dropped from the documented 175km (in warmer weather) to 120km upon departure. I drove as uneconomical as I could (loud music, full airco, and I ‘might’ have speeded in the process 😉 ) and reached the office fast and warm.

I didn’t charge the car at work (on purpose) and drove back tonight (still cold, -15C). I added some km’s to my commute by visiting a friend for a lovely dinner and once again drove as uneconomical as I, uhh dared…the ‘distance to home’ was 5km less than the  remaining battery capacity, oof!

Well, luckily the range meter is very accurate, and I reached home with indeed 5km to spare (‘battery level low’), ha! 😉

Temperatures dropped to -17C (and descreasing, brrrr), which has a huge effect on the ‘fuel’ efficiency, so the LEAF is currently enjoying some juice from a power outlet!

(Kissy and Misha are ‘finally’ coming home tomorrow and the airport is a tad further than 5km 😉 )