The new iPad

Well, well, Apple still had a surprise in its sleeve today; ‘everyone’ knew that the company would release a new iPad today, and most of the specs where ‘guessed’ (=leaked) correct.

The one thing that no one had correct was the name; iPad 3 sounded most logical as the successor of last years iPad 2, iPad HD was a possibility because of the high resolution display (‘Resolutionary’ as Apple calls it), but no, the name of Apple’s latest and greatest iPad is simply: ‘The new iPad‘…uhhh, HUH?!?


Specs for the device make it another iWant! 😉 :

  • Retina display with 2048 x 1536 resolution (the best display ever on a mobile device)
  • Dual-core CPU, Quad-core graphics…so it is FAST!
  • iSight (HD) front camera and 5MP rear camera
  • Voice dictation
  • support for 4G/LTE (HSPA+) networks, 73 Mbps (!) max

Besides everything iPad / ‘The new iPad’, Apple also announced a new AppleTV and iOS 5.1…enough goodies for one day! 😉

Watch the keynote speech if you’re a true Apple fanboy! 😉