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Meatless Monday

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

I stopped eating meat early January this year which was really easy and it feels good, for ME. My main reason was that I realized that meat is the easy, unconscious, choice for a meal, inherited from the stone age where mankind had no choice; you hunt and kill an animal, eat it or…you die of starvation.

And perhaps even more important; times have changed and nowadays meat production is an industry almost like any other (few exceptions), caring more for return on investment, stuffing animals with growth hormones and antibiotics to make the operation more profitable, and almost no interest/attention for the animals or quality of the meat, nor for what is best for the ‘consumer’, us all.

Everyone has their free choice and yes, everyone should do what feels best for YOU, just consider what you are *really* eating and perhaps try one day a week without meat (as a start 😉 )…

Today is Meatless Monday y’all!! 😉