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The big 4-0

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Yayyy today is my Birthday! A rather special one: I am turning 40, the big 4-0 marking the end of my 30’s!? …or does it? In hexadecimal I am turning just 28 today…as you see; age is just a number and most important is that I am still feeling young, cherishing the child in me!! 😉

As for Birthday traditions:

– Cake? Yes! I baked two apple pies (come and get some before my colleagues eat all of it!)

– Party? No big party planned as of now, I am thinking to throw a garden/grill party in the summer though

– Presents? Yesss, of course, many and big! 😉 Seriously, if want to give me a present, please make a donation to a good cause, my Global Village trip to Mozambique, as I wrote last Saturday!! Details are on the Global Village trip page (the green Donate Today button on the right side 😉 )

– and no, there is no Birthday hat, nor sitting on a special decorated Birthday chair! 😉