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These two families need your support

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

This Thursday I will fly to Mozambique for my Habitat for Humanity Global Village trip, building two houses for orphans and their caretakers! Their current houses are made of thatch, reed and mud and are both in a very bad state; a new home made of bricks is therefore very welcome.

‘Orphans and their caretakers’ is not really personal, so I would like to introduce the people for whom we will build a house!

The first house will be the new home for Heminia, a 47 year old widow (her husband died of HIV/AIDS). She is taking care of her two sons, Jose (17 years) and Pascoal (13 years) and her granddaughter Alegria (11 years).

The second house will be build for Paulina, who is 45 years old and also a widow (her husband also died of HIV/ AIDS…). She is taking care of her two children, her son Crimildo (18 years) and her daughter Sandra (13 years), and her grandchildren Narcia (7 years) and Orlando (4 years).

You can read more in this document.

Besides my personal contribution (building the houses), YOU too can support these families by donating to this project; there are various options, so please visit Global Village trip page and click the green Donate Today button on the right side!!

I would really appreciate your support, and more important: the two families can really use it!

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