Song of the Day: The Man with the Child in His Eyes

Today’s Song of the Day is one that has touched my heart from the very first time I heard it: Kate Bush with The Man with the Child in His Eyes. Kate’s fragile and amazing voice, the piano, strings and lyrics. Yeah, I always cherish the child inside of me…(which is even more so after I became father of an angel child!).

Though the lyrics of the song can be interpreted in various ways, I like to stick to what Kate herself said about it in 1979:

“It’s something that I feel about men generally. That a lot of men have got a child inside them, you know I think they are more or less just grown up kids. And that it’s a very good quality, it’s really good, because a lot of women go out and get far too responsible. And it’s really nice to keep that delight in wonderful things that children have. And that’s what I was trying to say.”