Mini Apples

Yesterday’s Apple event was all about the new iPad mini, as ‘everyone’ expected (the tagline ‘we’ve got a little more to show you’ was pretty obvious in that respect). It is interesting to look back an remember Steve Jobs some years ago saying that there would be no ‘mini’ version of the iPad (well, he actually also stated that there wouldn’t be an iPad some years before that…one should trust people, eh? πŸ˜‰ ).
It will be interesting to see it in action, and discover whether it would make sense to have one, in addition to the 13″ MacBook Air and my new iPhone 5 (expected by the end of this month)…
Oh well, it is Apple, the iPad minilooks fantastic and obviously works like a charm…I am pretty sure iWant (and yes, it *will* be a success…)
Check out yesterday’s keynote speech here!
Apple also released an update to the Mac mini and iMac (ssssuper thin aka mini!)…ha, that’s a lot of mini Apples. πŸ˜‰


iPad mini