Song of the Day: The Turn of a Friendly Card

The hotel has background music playing in the courtyard, nice although the playlist is never changing and seems to be exactly 24 hours which means that I hear the exact same songs at the exact same time of day…everyday! Arrgghhh, repetition is so not my thing! 😉

Every morning at breakfast though I hear a particular song that I really like…my Song of the Day!

Please enjoy Alan Parsons Project with ‘The Turn of a Friendly Card (part 1)‘.

The song uses gambling as a metaphor for life; some people are waiting for the turn of a friendly card to make their lives change for the better. They are unhappy in the process of waiting yet don’t realize that they are their own master of their life…

Well, I’d rather take matters in my own hand, turn the cards myself and discover that though some cards are more friendly than others, all have something to learn in them! 😉

Nice last sentence while I am enjoying my retreat in the sun:

“But a pilgrim must follow in search of a shrine
As he enters inside the cathedral…”