Lowlands 2013 tickets are IN!

W00t, the tickets for Lowlands 2013 are IN!

As usual, getting tickets is a tad stressy as too many people access the ticketservice website at the same time, so it hangs and connections break…luckily I got through (three times actually 😉 ) and got the tickets just in time; the festival got sold out in 45 minutes! That is 55000 tickets, over 10 million Euro revenue, in less than an hour, wow! Pretty amazing considering the fact that hardly any bands are confirmed yet…people obviously come for the Lowlands festival experience and know that the huge variety of acts will always give them something of their liking. 😉

The full name for the festival is ‘A Campflight to Lowlands Paradise‘…well, camping is what we’re gonna do, and it is up to us to turn it into paradise!

It’ll be my fifth Lowlands festival, so this summer August 16-18 in Biddinghuizen, NL I’ll be there…hell YEAHHH!!