New Cross Country skis

After all the sun I have had so far this year it is (about?) time to BE and live in the time of year; wintertime… 😉 In Norway that means, play with snow or, more respectful, go cross country skiing! The main thing holding me back in going for more cross country ski trips than I did in the past years has been my shitty wax-free skis. The served a purpose ‘back in the day‘ when I wasn’t sure if I would like this sport, and became a big fun-downer afterwards…So, about time to buy some new skis at ‘the’ ski-shop in Oslo, Oslo Sportslager, where a very friendly and knowledgable guy (called Raymond?!) made me a great deal for the Madhus Birkenbeiner Classic Carbon Ski including shoes, poles and uhh wax! 😉

Ha, I can’t wait to try them out, which will be this Sunday, cross-country skiing in the forest that starts in my backyard!! 😉