Hooked on ‘Person of Interest’ & ‘Lie to Me’

I ‘found’ some new series to spend the dark Norwegian nights: Lie to Me and Person of Interest (have to hurry though, soon those dark nights will turn into bright light nights 😉 ). Both series are highly addictive, similar to other series that I watched  in the past years during these long and dark norwegian winter nights; 8 seasons of ’24’ (2007 – 2010), 6 seasons of ‘Lost’ (2008 – 2010) and 4 seasons of ‘Prison Break’ (2011 – 2012), oof! 😉

Season 1 of Lie to Me is done already (only two more to go 😉 ), and I am halfway Season 1 of Person of Interest (season 2 is still running on TV in the USA, so I won’t be able to ‘find’ it  completely…yet 😉 )

Ha, it is couch potato time once more…and I love it!