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Blogpost 3000!!

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Today marks a milestone on my blog; *this* is my 3000th blogpost!! (not counting tweets or Facebook status updates)

It took a little over 8 years to come to this ‘far’, 2979 days to be exact as my first post was published on February 10 2005.

As life in general, things seems to move faster and faster these days; while the first 1000 blogposts took me 1219 days (post #1000 on June 13 2008), the second 1000 posts took ‘just’ 989 days (blogpost #2000 being published on February 27th, 2011) and the last 1000 posts took only 771 days…wow! (the daily Quote Of The Day in addition to my regular posts help the decrease in time obviously 😉 )

Well, you can expect #4000 in a year or two as I am still having fun doing this! (and the blog archive becomes/is a valuable asset (to me))

QOTD April 8 2013

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Unknown: “I don’t want to ‘fit in’, I want to stand out. I want the world to know I was here. That I made a difference.”