A Leap into the future

Yayyyy! The future of interacting with my Mac is here; the Leap Motion Controller gives me a ‘Minority Report‘-like experience, w00t!!

I pre-ordered the Leap Motion Controller months ago, and it arrived yesterday after its international release on July 22. the device is *really* small, has a nice ‘Apple’ inspired packaging and design, as you can see in the geeky unpacking photos below.

My first impression; grrrrrrooovy! It will take some time to get used to the amazing sensitivity and accuracy and yes, I did accidentally close a browser window while trying to click on a link which showed me that I have to be careful; accidentally deleting files or unfriending a Facebook friend could happen these first days… 😉 So, not completely ready for productive computing yet, but that should come when I am more used to it and the OS and programs are ‘Leap-aware’!





(click to enlarge)