Bolivia: Death Road & zip-lining

I left Bolivia behind me and arrived in Arequipa, Peru last night. I already knew that one week in Bolivia would be too short to see the many, many fantastic sights there so I guess I ‘have to’ go back one day. 😉 Still, I made the most of my days there; it has been pretty intense once again (and I love that!).

Day 21, mountainbiking the Death Road & zip-lining

One of the ‘must-do’s’ around La Paz for thrill-seekers is to descent the famous ‘Death Road‘ on a mountain bike. The road got its name in 1995 when the Inter-American Development Bank named it the “world’s most dangerous road” since 200-300 people got killed along the road on a yearly basis. Nowadays it ain’t so dangerous anymore as a new road was build causing less traffic (especially buses!) to pass the Death Road, only 2-3 people get killed per year…
Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) the weather last Saturday was bad; rain, rain, rain and a valley filled with clouds; I wasn’t able to see any of the cliffs of up to 600 meters! Still, it has been an amazing experience and yes, being a proud flying dutchman and cycling-enthusiast, I have been flying low to stay close to the rather experienced guide, grrrroovyyy! 😉

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, a zip-line was waiting for me to make a very long, tiring and fantastic day complete!
Ready, set…GO!


Uhhh, yes, that *IS* a bus down there…

The view into the valley…where *are* those cliffs?!? 😉

Yesssss, I survived! 😉

Zip-lining across the Death Road: