Lowlands 2014, half way there :)


Yihaaaa, the tickets for Lowlands 2014 are INNNN which means I am halfway there! (mentally not physically 🙂 )

Getting the tickets went much smoother today than the fight for tickets that became a tradition in the last years, not sure if the festival is loosing momentum or it is something else, but anyway, more than happy to have the tickets, the countdown started today (195 days to go)!!

As usual, hardly any bands have been announced, the biggest name so far is Queens of the Stone Age and well, that alone is a reason to go (since ‘fun with friends’ is always present! 🙂 ). The full name for the festival is ‘A Campflight to Lowlands Paradise‘…well, camping is what we’re gonna do, and it is up to us to turn it into paradise which we will!

I know where I will be between August 15-17, ready for my sixth Lowlands festival hell YEAHHH!!