Lofoten Northern Lights – the photos!!

Woohoooo!!!!! I could write a thousand pages and would still not come even close to describe my first Northern Light experience last Friday February 7 on the Lofoten Islands!! Absolutely stunning, amazing, bizarre, emotional, incredible, wow-WoW-WOW, etc., etc., etc. Seeing is believing…when I close my eyes I am there again and I am totally hooked (I want moreMoreMORE!!)…for now I guess it is best to let the pictures do the talking…


Disclaimer; It was my first time with the camera (Canon D40, thx Sascha for borrowing, the iPhone would NEVER have been able to catch any of this!), my first time photographing the Northern Lights AND my first time seeing the Northern Lights for real (so my attention was obviously somewhere completely else than with taking pictures! πŸ™‚ ). None of the photos have been edited or optimized (…yet :))

I added a professional picture at the very end, taken by a Lofoten local Northern Lights pro-photographer (Vidar Lysvold)…it came out pretty nice eh? πŸ™‚