Turning a (huge) Profit

Everyone is aware of the extreme profitability of Apple and other Tech Companies (slightly less, but still very profitable). To put things in perspective, WorldPay created a website with an animation that shows how quickly the top tech companies generate their revenue and profits…it puts things into perspective eh?

The screenshot below was taken after just 3 seconds and while Samsung has the biggest revenue, Apple puts all the other tech ‘giants’ to shame when it comes to actual profit; a stunning $4000 in 3 seconds, (accumulating to $1,000,000 in just 14 minutes and 11 seconds!!)…Apple’s profit is bigger than the combined revenue of Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Yahoo and LinkedIn, WoW!

Give it a try yourself (click the play button) and see how long you can stand watching all that money pile up. 🙂