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Look Up!

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

In an era where the importance of being connected and ‘always online’ prevails, this video offers a welcome perspective; a good piece of poetry, packed in a nice audio visual presentation. Interestingly enough, ‘we’ would never have known about this video without social media he he! 🙂 Furthermore; didn’t our parents make similar arguments with respect to TV? The argument of ‘everything was so much better when we were young’ has been used throughout history and honestly, it has never been a good argument. (QOTD May 2 2014 🙂 )

That said, I believe in balance and the online world is the modern way to stay connected with the ones you care about (besides meeting them face-to-face!). Oh, and most of the ‘new connections’ are still made in the ‘real world’ anyway, and when you do meet online first, you will definitely meet in real life at some point before you fall in love, f*ck like rabbits, get married and get loads of babies! 🙂

Furthermore; how is reading a (fictional) book better then watching a movie, playing a computer game, or surfing the web? Actually one can argue that many skills needed in future life are nowadays much more gained by using an iPad then playing soccer on the street?

Once more, I believe in balance; so make sure to work out as much as you surf the web, spend time in nature as much as you read, be present on social media as much as you meet people in real life!

And most important of all: be present and BE aware…LOOK UP and spread your LOVE! 🙂


QOTD May 4 2014

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

Richard Feynman: “No problem is too small or too trivial if we can really do something about it.”