Putting Apple in perspective

I guess most realize that Apple is a pretty big company, but I think most will be surprised when you see how big Apple really is. They announced their financial results for their fiscal 2014 third quarter a week ago, presenting a quarterly revenue of $37.4 billion (!) and quarterly net profit of $7.7 billion…well, well, ain’t that a *shitload* of cash! 🙂 And that despite the fact that the third quarter had no big new goodies (iPhone 6&Air as well as iWatch are all expected later this year), it is traditionally the quarter with the lowest results.

So, numbers say something, yet charts (below) say more…

Assume that the iPhone were its own company, it generated $19.74 billion in sales last quester making it bigger than Amazon, or Coca-Cola and McDonald’s combined (!), while Google and eBay combined are barely bigger…WTF?!

And even though iPad sales (($5.9 billion)) are ‘just’ 1/3 of the iPhone sales, it would still be greater than Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Groupon, and Tesla combined…huh?!?






(via slate.com)