Lowlands 2014, ready to PARTYYYYY!!

It is *that* time of year, the weekend of all weekends, Lowlands 2014 is here!!
We have followed a proven concept; started the day nice and sweet, feeling happy that last nights rain clouds have vanished and today the sun will be doing its best to warm us up, as always we are packed to travel light (and probably still have too much with us), had hardly any traffic on the way to the festival terrain and we are feeling secured with our ‘set-up-the-tent-within-10-minutes’ talent…Lowlands 2014; here we ARE and we are ready to PARTYYYYY!! 🙂

Sun, fun, music, friends, drinks and then some…rock on, HELL YEAHHHH!!!

PS. join us in some freaky sun dances and voodoo tricks to make sure that the predicted rain will not fall!! 🙂