Birthday Boy at Kindergarten

Misha celebrated his 3rd Birthday in the kindergarten today and after two years with ‘healthy’ treats (a ‘hedgehog’ with cucumber, grapes, tomato, a small piece of typical dutch cake (eierkoek), surrounded by raisins in 2012, and last year a fleet of Viking Ships filled with healthy goods (raisins, a banana, grape, cucumber and tomato), this years treat was a ‘not-so-hot-air’ balloon filled with fun ‘goodies’ for kids (a pencil, eraser, little drawing book, rubber stamp, small plastic toy and dutch ‘Jip & Janneke’ raisins). Misha had a great time giving, and all the kids loved it, as you can see from what they wrote on the heart that they gave him (in norwegian obviously 🙂 )…yeah, another great day, everybody happy! 🙂