Downhill skiing

Winter finally hit home for real! After some half serious attempts late last year and some weeks ago, it seems the snow from the past days is here to stay for the months to come, yayyy! 🙂 Despite the ‘loss’ of a great deal of my ‘free’ time to snow plowing and no reception on the satellite TV (not watching much anyway), this means skiing season is about to begin, w00t!

I will be doing a lot more downhill skiing compared to last year (eeeeaasy as I didn’t do any downhill skiing at all last year!!?!), and wanna learn some new tricks on the slopes. The YouTube video below shows where I want (expect? 🙂 ) my skiing skills to be at the end of this season, uhhhhh?!

WTF, seriously? Candide Thovex is having ‘one of those days’ again…fan-friggin-amazing and a must watch for skiing enthusiasts! 🙂

(he did have ‘one of those days’ before, check it out here!)