4000 blogposts!

*This* post is my 4000th blogpost, wow!

It took me just over 10 year (3667 days) as I posted my first blogpost on February 10 2005 (a simple check if my blogging tool at that time, Pivot, was working) and the pace has been increasing year over year. For the statisticians; blogpost #1000 took me 1219 days (post #1000 on June 13 2008), the next 1000 posts took 989 days (post #2000 on February 27th 2011), from #2000 to #3000 took only 771 days (post #3000 on April 8 2013) and the last 1000 took just 688 days, nifty! 🙂

It has become quite a valuable asset to me; going back through the archives brings back many many great moments of my life, so I don’t intend to stop anytime soon! Expect blogpost #5000 somewhere around New Year 2016/2017! Ha, I uhhh keep you posted! 🙂