Northern Lights in Oslo last night!

The Northern Lights are just pure magic in the sky and last night was the first time since I moved to Norway that I witnessed it conveniently at home!

At first it looks like some shady clouds are closing in from the northern horizon, then these ‘clouds’ start to move from left to right, they move faster and faster, towards an incredible speed as if a t.l. tries to light up, and then you realise; hey, these are no clouds…something magical is happening in the sky…those ‘clouds’ are actually somewhat greenish instead of hazy white…the flares are everywhere, there, there *and* there…left, right, directly above me and even more at the horizon…Northern Lights mannnn, I love it! Unfortunately they were a tad weak, at least too weak to be captured on my iPhone (despite a special camera app allowing for a long shutter time)…so, less spectacular and far from the intensity that I experienced last year, but hey, I got a falling star as a bonus so no complains here, ha!

Check out the Youtube video below which was taken (not by me) in Oslo yesterday: