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Adam’s Birthday!

Saturday, September 3rd, 2005

Congrats to Adam with his 41st…I

remember a year ago when he talked ’bout his 40th on an ‘internet radio

show’, soon to be called ‘podcast’? Much has happened in a years time,

guess we didn’t know what we were heading for…

Company Cars

Saturday, September 3rd, 2005

It’s a nice sunny day in The Netherlands (started off a bit cloudy though), perfect for car finding!
The lease on my company car will end in some months, so I have to find myself a new one.
The competitors (at least the ones I can afford with my lease limit):
– Renault Laguna Grand Tour; same as I currently drive, but I don’t like the newest model that much
– Peugeot 407 SW; in one word beautiful, but after owning 4 Peugeots (205) that all ended ‘total-loss’ after accidents it might not be the best choice, eh?
– Alfa Romeo 159; I LOVE it as seen from pictures, but as it will come only in October I can’t test drive it…price might also be too much 🙁