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‘Charlie’ moods are back

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Adam, thx! It was great to listen to last Friday’s DSC, the FUBAR Friday festivities led up to a perfect atmosphere for a welcome back to ‘Charlie’ mood!

The one year, six weeks, six days and 13 hours between this show and the last oneΒ  is washed away, diminished into the ‘days between shows’ that we were used to…amazing how flexible time is and how easy it really is to get back into the vibe!

The DSC#781 ‘Awakening’ piece (excellently edited by ‘Ray On The Charlie’) was a superb run down memory lane and wake-up from snooze moment for some I believe.

For those of you wondering what this ‘secret’ language codes all means; I’d say, take a listen and get on board!! πŸ˜‰