Same toy, same shit, yet smaller ;)

I had to ask IT support for almost year, and finally managed today to swap my ‘old’ laptop, the crappy Dell E6400, for uhhh well…again a crappy Dell, about the same age (2 year), but…slightly smaller and most importantly, LIGHTER: the Dell E4300. My shoulder already likes the ‘new’ toy, as does my laptop bag (the third one, as I ruined two already in two years…). There is not much to say about the machine, it’s purely functional and not sexy at all (is that why they call it business-line?), and I start to hate it as small things don’t work; the trackpad is not responsive and the webcam operates at an ultra-low resolution, making me look like a cartoon figure… 🙁

(anyway, thx IT support for making the swap possible!)

Duh, this laptop doesn’t come even CLOSE to the new MacBook Air…which I am actually considering to buy, hmmm nice idea!