Yahoo! mail

Well, that sucks…I just got this message when I logged in to Yahoo Mail:

Your Yahoo! Mail account is no longer active.

Why is my account inactive?

Yahoo! Mail deactivated your mail account because:

  • You have not logged into your mail account during the past four months; or
  • You have requested that Yahoo! Mail deactivate your account.

What does this mean?

  • All email messages, folders, attachments and preferences have been deleted and cannot be recovered.
  • All messages sent to are being returned to the sender.
  • You can still use your Yahoo! ID to access other registered services on Yahoo!.

I indeed don’t use the account that much for email (have Gmail for that! :)), the ipodder-dev group was perhaps the main reason for having the account…then again, you would think that the mail-account should not be deactivated if you’re still using your Yahoo! ID (as I do for Flickr)…huh?!?

Anyway, I reactivated the account…only loosing all the emails 🙁