The trip South – Day 2 & 3, South & North

There is much more to see down South than ‘just’ Kristiansand, Helleviga and a stunning moon; Mandal with its Sjøsanden beach, Lindesnes (most southern point of Norway) and once again; a fantastic wild camping spot, great sunsets and a stunning moon over the ocean!

Once again; pictures are worth thousands of words! 😉

The road down South is called ‘North (of the) sea road’. 😉




My camp site for the night.



Mandal by night


Once again, a stunning moon over the ocean (full moon + 2 days)!


Wakey, wakey, rise and shine! 😉
Amphi theater as seen from the tent, and the ocean on the backside…



Almost at the most Southern point of Norway, a meteorological stone…a warm stone means sun, a wet stone means rain, a white stone means snow and no stone means fog! 😉 😉


There it is, the Lidnesnes Lighthouse on the southernmost tip of mainland Norway!



The plan was to go to the North of Northern Norway, instead I reached South of Southern Norway…this sign closed the circle of my trip, I love it! 😉


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