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Happy Easter

Saturday, April 7th, 2007

Oww…btw. Happy Easter!

(sjeez, almost forgot about Easter…this time difference is killing me!) 🙂

Arrived in NZ!

Saturday, April 7th, 2007

We just arrived in New Zealand!!! The journey took 'only' 36 hours from take-off in Amsterdam…so yeah, we're hammered, but…WE'RE HERE!

I'm already in love with this country, free internet in the Arrivals area, couldn't resist 🙂

It was nice for a change to travel as planned despite flying with standby tickets. Evenmore, traveling just before Easter truly paid off since the planes were just half-full…PLENTY of space to hang out! Over all pretty uneventful flights, it was nice though to have half a day in Los Angeles and eat a burger in Santa Monica 🙂

One thing which really messes with your brain is crossing the International Date Line…we lost one day in just a split second, WOW!

Hmm…uhhh…sooo…guess it is Sunday down here?!? Time to find the hostel and try to make it through the day. Our camper will be delivered tomorrow and then we're off exploring the beauty of Kiwi-country!