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Tempur bed

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

We have been in need of a new bed ever since we left The Netherlands…the luxurious 1.80m x 2.20m box spring bed didn’t make it in the moving van and ended up at my sisters place.

Since we *love* sleeping (despite the fact I am a nightcrawler :)), we decided to go for one of the best beds out in the market these days, a Tempur bed. Last weekend, on our way to the Xmas fair in the Oslo center with my parents, we stopped by the Tempur store and…uhhh, bought it ‘just like that’!

Don’t ask me how much it costs…it EASILY covers the top 3 items on my Apple geek-wishlist (17" MacBook Pro, 24" iMac *and* iPhone)…aahhhhh! 😉

Delivery will take roughly 10 weeks, which has to do with the ‘oversized’ 2.20m length of the bed (a must for my divine 2m body hehe).