Podshow becomes MEVIO

I almost missed the announcement last week…luckily I’m subscribed to Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code! πŸ˜‰

In a memorable DSC #750 (what a milestone btw.!), recorded on my Birthday (another milestone ;)), he announced that PodShow changes name to MEVIO (press release). The reason being the fact that the word ‘pod’ in the name started to hurt their business, mainly on the advertisement side.

MEVIO.com is targeted to be a complete broadband entertainment network for the social Web and is focusing on development and delivery of episodic content that engages the audience, building a feature-rich network for the MEVIO users to personalize their programming and share it with others.

I’ve always been a huge PodShow fan (just didn’t get to start my own podcast, yet ;))…it’s an amazing to see the tiny movement from less than four years ago, growing so rapidly as MEVIO has become today, and ready for an even biggerΒ future…quite an achievement, congrats to the Podfather and his team!

PS. I assume the name MEVIO is taken from the keywords; MEdia, Video, audIO!?!